Erin Fredlund

 Musician. Mentor. Creator. Teacher.

LOCATION: Central Alberta.  

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HOURS: Mon to Fri 4pm-8pm.

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Welcome to erinfredlundstudio!

The Studio Approach


My philosophy of music is simple; sharing my passion with you. By providing music appreciation, succession in practice and creativity in teaching, I believe anyone willing, can learn and succeed!  

I have spent over 25 years performing, teaching, directing, and encouraging the next generation of musicians.  Through Recording Studios, Worship Music, Music Festivals and Exams, Sporting Events, Colleges, Master Classes and Choirs, I have had multiple opportunities to hone my skills. I want to take what I've learned and share it with you!



"Erin Fredlund has been teaching my children music for six years and we come back every year because of her passion for both music and teaching. Erin meets her students where they are at and offers a high quality music experience highly customized to each of her studio families. Her energy and passion are infectious and we feel blessed to have her as a music mentor for our children!"-Norma

"Thank you so much, it was amazing, just from your teachings at all the practices we did. I have to say, it took me back to my childhood. Erin, I was the youngest singer in my church with my Grammy. I remember everyone there was in awe when we were competing against another church, it was amazing. Plus being six was pretty brave in front of so many people. So to make a long story short, my head mistress which was the principal of my school, was also the choir leader, very elegant, strict, and precise in everything she did. So thanks to my old Teacher Mrs. Blagrove. In saying that I see so many similarities in you, believe me when I say it's a big compliment!"-Sherry

"Erin is a gifted teacher and knows how to guide the untrained in an encouraging way. She understands music, is a gifted pianist and vocalist herself, and communicates patiently and clearly. She brings out the best in her students because she has an ear for the best."-Dave

"I really enjoyed learning from you and working with you. You are full of determination and dedication. You bring out the very best from me and I look forward to working with you again!"-Jo

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